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The people who can say how bad drug addiction can get are those who have been through it. We know for a fact that addiction is difficult but we don’t exactly how so is it unless we go through it. However, being addicted is not something that anyone should desire as nothing ever comes out of it only pure destruction. In today’s time, the number of drug users has been constantly increasing and this leads to problems in crimes and so many others.

This situation calls for a desperate help not only from drug addiction treatment centers but from anyone who can contribute to solving this problem. And of course, those who were able to get out and escape their addiction are some of the best people that can help. This is also the belief of these two women from Pittsburgh. They believe that helping others deal with drug addiction should start by telling their own stories.

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Judy Acheson was a stay-at-home mom who lived in a million-dollar home in the suburbs. She developed an addiction to opioids and purchased her drugs online. Packages of pills were shipped directly to her doorstep. Kathy Stewart grew up in the Hill District. She watched her neighborhood crumble during the crack epidemic in the 1980s. After becoming addicted to cocaine, she started to deal, packing and carrying bricks of white powder from California to Pittsburgh.

Kathy and Judy, with their drastically different backgrounds, share the common experience of a life-altering addiction. They fought through stigma and shame to tell their stories. And now, it is through that experience that they are able to help others who are struggling with challenges similar to the ones they have faced.

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