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No one is exempted from addiction. This means that anyone can get addicted to drugs after all this is a personal choice. So many people made the decision to be addicted to drugs and then one day, they realized they must stop and change for the better. But the question is, how do they do it? Well, there are various available. And interestingly, music is one of them.

When something feels good at the moment, you can’t blame someone for wanting to indulge in that addictive pleasure – whether it’s the toddler’s Boba Tea craving or the old lady’s unhealthy obsession with painkiller medications, many addictions leave the addict not understanding the real causes of their pain. And it’s also easy to pass judgment, especially when those of a more sober mind blame the addict for having no moral principles or willpower. This is especially true of drug addictions, which leave the addict with a psychological and physical dependency that can be hard to shake.

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As their behavior is also illegal, in places like Myanmar drug addictions can cast people out of society and the traditional structures of support – the monastery, family or the broader community.

But getting addicted to drugs is not the end of the world, especially if there are health workers or friends who don’t simply don’t see them as a useless ‘junkie’.

Enter the finest of Myanmar’s rock musicians, who have come together to sing their support for the problem of drug addiction. Thirteen artists, lead by the legendary king of Myanmar rock R Zarni, have joined forces to produce a music video called “Don’t give up hope” last month.

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