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How To Shoot Fentanyl Patches?




Fentanyl is an opiate that is often abused for addictive purposes. Basically, the drug’s value is heavily inclined with pain relief and much like heroin and morphine; it serves as a medicinal miracle but becomes poison when it is abused.

This drug, although its sales and products are often regulated by pharmaceutical companies to curb a select group’s addiction incidents and tendencies, comes in many forms. While paracetamol comes in tablets and some medicinal products come in pills and kept in bottles or packs, Fentanyl usually comes as a gel contained in tubes or sachets. Some medicines may be taken orally, but Fentanyl should be applied externally to avoid harm and damage to one’s health.

There is a great need to follow concrete instructions on how to use a certain kind of drug, most especially if it causes addiction when not used to their primary purpose. This holds true for Fentanyl which, like morphine and heroin, users crave for to attain a level of mental euphoria.

  • One particular way to use Fentanyl is to shoot its gel gently and slowly.
  • Since it is contained in Sandoz or Duragesic patches, they must be handled with care.
  • The patches, on the other hand, have an adhesive side where the drug is concentrated. The adhesive side will make sure that the patch is attached to the skin. The portion where it is attached is where the drug enters the body.

Certain precautions need to be considered and remembered when applying the drug to any part of your body.

Needless to say, it is best to avoid it in contact with the sensitive parts such as the eyes and mouth. Still, drugs like Fentanyl can be extremely dangerous when they are misplaced and mishandled.

It is better to ask for a licensed medical professional’s assistance when you apply the Fentanyl on your body. The consultation is extremely necessary along with a valid and legal prescription to allow you to buy the drug over the counter.

Some instructions can also be found on the internet since it is a platform of rich resources and knowledge. However, one must take note that some sources are not reliable enough. Just remember not to rely on just one source. Testing it without prior knowledge and consultation can be detrimental.

To use drugs which have fatal effects on the body require medical management to avoid danger.

Opiates such as Oxycodone can do more harm than good by being used for the wrong reason. Such were the cases of the recorded estimates of people who died due to substance abuse and addiction all over the country. Nevertheless, Fentanyl, whether used as transdermal skin patches or as an injectable substance, needs to be taken with caution. It has the ability to bring forth irreparable damages to the body with effects that might give more pain than relief.

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