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How To Treat Drug Addiction?




Whether you are taking your first steps towards recovery or you are looking to help out a member of the family or a friend who is suffering from addiction, rest assured in the fact that real recovery is possible. While it seems as if addiction is all encompassing and recovery is miles away, do not fret because, with proper support and treatment, addicted individuals may achieve full recovery and eventually live healthier and better lives. There are effective treatments available out there for you.

Drugs and alcohol usually affect people in various ways.

Here you’ll be able to understand the impact of drug abuse so you will be able to make better choices if you want to break this cycle. Whether you, a loved one or a friend is suffering from a problem with drug abuse, it is vital to come to an understanding about how the addiction works and what options are available to help you recover.

Identify the Drug Problem

A lot of people are not able to admit that they are having a problem with drug abuse. In most cases, family and friends may have to call their attention just to motivate them to get treatment. Though each problem with drug addiction is unique, some common signs and symptoms are generally present. These are:

Dramatic physical changes including weight loss or weight gain, hair loss, skin problems and tooth decay

  • Anger, irrational behavior, and violence
  • Getting arrested or getting in trouble with the law
  • Very long, unexplained absences in school or at work
  • Borrowing or stealing money to obtain the drugs
  • Poor performance in school or at work
  • Withdrawal from society including friends and family
  • Depression and anxiety

However, there are symptoms of drug abuse that are unique to only a few. If you are in doubt that your friend or family member is abusing a drug, watch out for the aforementioned symptoms of abuse or do your own research about their activities. For instance, an addiction to marijuana leads to sleepiness, paranoia, lethargy, and lack of motivation. On the other hand, an addiction to cocaine can lead to bursts of energy, rapid speech, and fidgeting.

Get Treated for Drug Abuse and Addiction

The most effective treatment for drug dependence and abuse is comprehensive care through a qualified drug rehabilitation program. There are a few types of drug rehab centers in the United States. A lot of these centers have 3 core elements including detoxification, counseling, and aftercare.

The first element is crucial in aiding a person overcome drug abuse and addiction through the cleansing from the harmful drug toxins. Detox is commonly painful and life threatening so medical assistance is highly recommended during this process.

Counseling, on the other hand, will offer the user a chance to determine the root cause of their issues and to better understand their personal triggers to avoid a relapse. There are individual, group, and specialized types of counseling in rehab centers. This is where recovery truly happens as the user begins to understand the reasons behind the addiction. Once addressed, the person can better learn to manage such triggers in order to fully recover.

Aftercare programs have also been designed to create a smooth transition to daily life after getting treatment. This includes staying at a sober living facility, meeting a behavioral health counselor, drug testing, and other regular outpatient services.

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