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3 Common Activities Expected In Every Treatment Program

Are you thinking of getting help for the drug addiction you just can’t shake? Or do you have a loved one who needs treatment immediately? Most of you may be wondering what activities patients will do while in an inpatient facilitity. Learning beforehand the activities that rehabilitation facilities have will help boost anyone’s confidence on the rehab program that you or your loved one is about to go through.

The increasing number of substance abusers year after year makes drug rehabilitation programs important now more than ever. In 2013, a national survey was conducted to reveal that:

  • In accordance with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, data showed that 21.6 million individuals, in as young as 12 years old, are dependent on drugs.
  • Approximately 22.7 million people have problems with alcohol and illegal drug abuse.
  • Only 2.5 million out of this population has undergone a program through a treatment facility.
  • The other 20.2 million users still need treatment for their alcoholism and drug addiction.

How Important Is A Drug Rehabilitation Facility?

Undergoing drug rehabilitation is more like surrendering oneself to more knowledgeable professionals and allowing them to help you become sober. The treatment is usually based on structured and well-organized programs or activities with the main goal of eliminating the need to take in the substance once again. Some other goals of rehabilitation are for the addicted person to gain confidence that he can overcome the ordeal and take control of his life in a productive way, once again.

Drug rehab treatments usually establish healthy routinary activities. These activities will be done repetitively over the course of treatment in an environment that is safe and secure, conducive for people who are recovering from addiction.

The patients will work hand in hand with medical professionals to correct behaviors, habits, and all other factors that are promoting the habit. Meetings with support groups are also part of the program so each one could share and learn about one another’s experiences.

The Process

Although not all, most facilities are similar in terms of activities, differing only in special interventions based on their field of specialization. In a drug treatment facility, the following are the most common activities:

Addiction Awareness

Rehab centers place a great deal of significance to educating not only the patient, but his or her family members as well. Through information dissemination, the probability of seeing the habit in other members of the family is minimized.


During the entire course of the program, therapy is needed primarily to identify the cause of the addicted person’s habit. Therapy is used to point out who, what and why the person became dependent on the substance. The most effective therapy commonly used in a drug rehab center is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In some program options, family therapy is advised if the family is the cause of addiction. Anger and stress management are also some common therapies in rehab centers.

Support Groups

Connecting with others in the same ordeal is one of the aims of many rehabilitation centers. Sharing stories or experiences will make the patients realize that he is not alone. Eventually, patients will learn to trust others, which makes emotional healing easier.

Knowing what to expect in a drug rehabilitation program is a big help because both the patient and the family can build realistic expectations post treatment.



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