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It feels good to see in the news that drugs have been recovered or those who are using and selling them have been arrested. This means that the efforts of the government to stop drug addicted is getting some positive results. But the best thing about it is the fact they are saving lives and future. By arresting users and dealer, they are spared from further damage that drugs can cause them.

This would also mean that they will have another chance to change and get back on their feet. Along with recovery houses that aims to help addicts get out of addiction and the iniatives from the government, this problem will soon have an end. And just like the recovery of drugs in Highlands, there is still hope as long as we all act.


Police across the Highlands and Islands have removed drugs with a combined street value of almost £100,000 from communities during June.

Officers have been carrying out targeted enforcement across the region – resulting in seizures of Class A drugs worth approximately £36,500 and Class B drugs valued at around £56,700 being taken off the streets.

In addition to the drugs seizures – worth in excess of £93,000 – sums of cash totalling approximately £25,500 have also been seized.

Class A drugs recovered include cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and MDMA. Class B seizures have included amphetamine and both herbal and resin cannabis.

The recoveries are the result of 26 positive drug search warrants held during the month, while drugs were also seized from individuals being searched and from the postal system.

As a result of this activity, 14 people will be or have been reported for offences relating to drug dealing.

The recoveries are the latest to be made as part of Operation Ram, which is specifically targets disrupting the trade in drugs in the Highlands and Islands…


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