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Drugs is really something that those addicted people cannot live without. They want to have easy access to it and they are even willing to bring it with them wherever they go. But doing comes with great risks. Just like what happened in this article where drugs were seized while policemen were doing their inspection. But of course, this is a good thing as this would mean lesser drug user.

This is one of the goals of this drug addiction- to lessen the number of drug users by encouraging people to quit. But as well know, quitting is easier said than done especially if one is already addicted to it. This is where recovery centers comes in. With professionals who are willing to help them, they can quit drug addiction and eventually go back to their old yet better and drug-free life.


Police seized illegal drugs from passengers at a Belfast train station.

It followed a pro-active operation on Saturday.

Detectives and a specialist police dog carried out searches on a number of passengers disembarking from a train at an unnamed Belfast station.

A 31-year-old man received a caution.

Detective Inspector Pete Mullan said: “Today’s operation was part of the PSNI’s ‘Think Before You Buy’ anti-drugs campaign, which aims to highlight the role of recreational drug use in intimidation and serious violence in Northern Ireland’s communities.

“‘Think Before You Buy’ is a joint campaign between PSNI , An Garda Siochana, and ‘Safer Blanchardstown’, using posters and a short video to raise awareness that people who engage in casual drug use also contribute to the fear and intimidation inflicted on people, particularly drug debt intimidation.

“I would encourage anyone with any information about the supply of illegal drugs to call police on the non-emergency number 101…

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