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Drugs is indeed rampant today. It seems like everywhere we turn our heads to, there’s drugs. In fact, it’s like every country in this world is having problems with drug addiction. It is a sad reality that drugs have been so accessible to people. As a result of this, so many people are trying it, getting addicted to it, and worse, are committing crimes because of it.

Drug addiction is indeed a serious problem, especially that it can even reach the younger generation. Imagine, even in a mere primary school, there’s drugs. In case it wasn’t discovered, it could have lead to serious problems. Children could have swallowed it. This is why there should be stricter laws- the kind of law that will protect the young individuals. For those who are using it and want to seek help so they can get back on their feet, recovery houses are available to help them.

Drugs have been on the grounds of a primary school in Neath .

A small quantity of drugs were found on the grounds of Crynallt Primary School, in Afan Valley Road, in the Cimla area of the town, on Thursday, July 12.
A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: “Police in Neath received a report that a small quantity of drugs were found on the grounds of Crynallt Primary School on Thursday, July 12.

“Officers have attended the school and the drugs have been sent for destruction.”

South Wales Police were asked to clarify the type and amount of drugs found.

Anyone who has witnessed any suspicious activity in the vicinity of the school, or who has any information about illegal drug activity, should contact 101.

A Neath Port Talbot Council spokesman said “We are aware that a small quantity of drugs were found in the grounds of Crynallt Primary last week and that school staff immediately reported this to the Police. We would urge anyone who has any information on this incident, or who witnesses trespassing on any school property, to contact the Police on 101.”

Crynallt Primary School was contacted for comment.

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