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There are times that the extent of things that people can do for drugs seem alarming. We have heard stories of people stealing just for the sake of drugs, but dealing drugs is another thing. One reason why there is still a problem in drug addiction is that of drug dealers that are just within the corner and doing their thing, without thinking of the effects of drugs to people and the danger that they are putting themselves into.


In Egypt, some drug dealers even posed as doctors. The last thing that visitors of two “medical centers” in Egypt’s Alexandria expected was for the doctors treating them from their drug addiction, to be drug dealers themselves. On November 22, the Egyptian Interior Ministry announced that it had arrested six men who impersonated drug addiction doctors in Alexandria.

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The statement added that the Criminal Investigation Services in Alexandria had confirmed that: “Some criminal elements deceived the citizens and took their money while they impersonated doctors specialized in treating drug addiction and psychiatry, as well as establishing and managing centers for drug addiction treatment in the suburbs of the city, without obtaining a license from the concerned authorities.”

According to the police, the two centers “had received many patients and kept them for addiction treatment without specialized medical supervision.”

The accused had rented two buildings and equipped them with clinics for medical examinations, classrooms and food courts. They specified the price for a month’s stay to be 15,000 EGP (850 USD) per patient.

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