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One of the major reasons why, in spite of knowing that drugs is bad, still many people opt to use it is the fact that they are not fully aware of what they are doing. Many of them do not really know the extent of danger that they are putting themselves into. They do not have enough knowledge that these substances can alter them in so many aspect. Oftentimes, they only focus on how the substance can “help” them the way they want to be helped. This leads to more drug addicted individuals, thus the problem gets bigger and bigger.

As a solution to this, awareness should be spread amongst everyone. This is exactly what is happening in Pottsville, Pennsylvania as they had their first Annual Drug Awareness Day and addiction recovery was the focus of the event. This event can really help so many people as when they become aware, they could make rightful decisions on whether or not to use drugs. Awareness can help lessen the number of drug addicts and discourage those who plans of using it.

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Last weekend, the city of Pottsville, Pennsylvania held its first Annual Drug Awareness Day and addiction recovery was the focus of the event.

The nonprofit event, which was held at Barefield Park on Saturday, August 18, welcomed more than two dozen people of all ages from different parts of Schuylkill County, where Pottsville is located.

The event was an effort to not only honor the local community members who have been going through addiction recovery but also promote the benefits of accredited substance use disorder treatment programs.

In addition, the first Drug Awareness Day aimed to address the effects of the opioid epidemic as well as a number of other issues associated with substance abuse in the Schuylkill County region.

The event was organized by Alive2day, a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping people who are struggling with substance use disorders get access to treatment when they decide that they are willing and prepared to become sober.

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