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More and more people, those who are addicted to drugs are needing help. Each passing day, someone suffers because of drugs. The suffering can be in different ways- illness, committing a crime, affecting relationships, etc. Especially with opioids, so many lives have been destroyed because of such substance. This has lead to people finding ways of how to help them get their life back.

In Switzerland, their highest court has decided to extend in principle the right to disability insurance benefits to people with drug addiction. With the decision by the Federal Court, people with drug dependencies who have been evaluated and diagnosed by a medical specialist can access disability insurance benefits. This in effect treats drug addiction in the same vein as a mental illness.

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According to the court, the ruling, which was announced on Monday, was based on a thorough review of existing medical knowledge.

This reverses previous case law that viewed drug addiction as the individual’s responsibility and treatable through drug withdrawal. Up to now, individuals with drug addiction could only receive disability benefits if the addiction caused an illness or accident or if the dependency was the result of an illness.

As is the case with many other mental disorders, determining whether the person can receive disability benefits is based on a structured evaluation of whether the person can, despite the condition diagnosed medically, pursue suitable productive activity on a full-time or part-time basis.

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