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The need for drug addiction treatment centers today is very high. This is because the problem with drugs and addiction has never been this alarming. A lot of happenings today, especially the ones that affect the lives of people is because of drugs. Across countries, rehabilitation centers are a must so people can always seek help for their addiction so they can recover and be able to live a better life so they can contribute to society.

largest drug addiction rehabilitation centre

In British Columbia, the largest drug addiction rehabilitation center has been approved for East Vancouver. A major drug addiction rehabilitation center, the largest of its kind in British Columbia, was unanimously approved by Vancouver city council late last night following a marathon two-day public hearing that involved over 50 public speakers.

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The rezoning application by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), BC Housing, and the City of Vancouver calls for a state-of-the-art drug withdrawal management centre and social housing on a city block-sized lot at 1636 Clark Drive and 132-1395 East 1st Avenue — the northeast corner of the intersection of Clark Drive and East 1st Avenue, the eastern end of the False Creek Flats.

“We are pleased to be working alongside BC Housing and Vancouver Coastal Health on this important project which would provide vital housing, health services and job space for Vancouver’s residents in a development that is responsibly and safely managed,” said Mayor Kennedy Stewart, in a statement.

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