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The number of people struggling from addiction is increasing each year. This kind of increase is bad news as this would mean more lives will be ruined. Also, so many crimes take place as a result of addiction, whether to alcohol or drugs. The situation, across countries, calls for immediate and effective solutions. This why there are now more addiction treatment centers available for people.

NY to Fund 14 New Drug Addiction Recovery Centers

In Albany, 14 new recovery centers will be put up in order to help those people who are suffering from their drug addiction. This is funded by the New York state. The state’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services announced Friday that it would award more than $5 million to support the new centers.

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The centers will be located throughout the state and operated by local recovery organizations. Funds will also go to expansion projects at two existing recovery centers.

The centers offer various services and programs to help people in recovery. The new facilities will bring the total number of facilities opened from 2016 to 25.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul says the funding shows the state’s commitment to helping people get the care they need.

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