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Most of us look up to our mothers to be people with so much strength and control. This is not only in how she handles her family, but even herself as well. Many of us draw courage from them. But what happens when our own moms become weak and give in to drug addiction? This is not something new. In fact, so many women, mothers specifically, all over the world have been addicted to drugs. They can definitely attest how difficult it is to get out of it.

Drug addiction and loss

In Kansas City, a mom knows very well how drugs can damage and affect lives including that of her won. But thankfully for her, she was able to seek help and eventually recovered and is now making the most out of her life with her loved ones.

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“It used to be an afterthought Lexi Zimmerman, a mother of three children. Now, she never takes the chore of making breakfast for her children for granted. Three years ago, Zimmerman’s kids were removed from her home due to her drug use.

“My world collapsed that day, it really did,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was addicted to heroine, meth and opioids. It was an addiction that consumed her life and almost killed her on several occasions. The pain of losing her kids was overwhelming and made her addiction even worse.”

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