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Pain is terrible. It’s the body’s way of saying that something is wrong. We live our entire lives avoiding pain, which is part of our survival. When the pain becomes too great to bear, we have medication.

This medication sometimes comes in the form of opiates. Common ones are morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. There are more varieties, but one thing is common, they take away the pain. Often, these drugs are so effective that people end up depending on them.

Opiate dependency can and will damage the body. Furthermore, it can damage the people around you. People have blown through their life savings trying to maintain the habit, so when enough is enough, it’s time to stop.

There are many methods out there, but what if time is of the essence? What if you want this over as soon as possible? Before you continue, you must remember that everything has a cost. It could be money, willpower, or both. Regardless, living a healthier life is its own reward.

Before Anything Else

The first step to any detox method is research. Study the effects of withdrawal, how to counter them, side effects and so on. Look into the drug you’re using and see what alternatives you can get. You can also consult your physician about it and get some professional advice.

Once you’ve done your research, prepare. Find people you can trust to help you. No matter the process, doing it alone is risky, unless you really have the heart for it. When you’ve familiarized yourself, you can then consider the following speedy treatments.

Detoxification Facilities

These facilities can produce results in a week or less. They will provide medication that will relieve you of withdrawal symptoms and give round the clock supervision. This option is only viable if you know an accessible location. These facilities also cost thousands of dollars if you don’t have insurance, so spend wisely.

Another downside to using this option is that you could still have long term withdrawal symptoms. They can get you through the worse part at least.

Ultra Rapid Opiate Detox

Known to be the fastest way to detox your body from opiates. The downside is that this treatment is also the most dangerous. It can eliminate opiates from your system in just one procedure using Naltrexone. You will be sedated in the entire process so you don’t feel the heavy effects.

This is not for people with existing body conditions like heart and lung diseases. It also has its own share of side effects after the treatment. The effects are manageable and there are personal accounts of people who benefited greatly from this procedure.

One other downside is that this process is usually not covered by insurance. The costs of the procedure are also quite high.

Suboxone and its Derivatives

It’s opiate without the effects. They can eliminate nearly all withdrawal symptoms. Create a plan and use them to avoid the worst parts of your withdrawal, then taper it off as quickly as possible.

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