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The moment one gets a taste of drugs, it would seem like he can never have enough of it. As a result, the person gets addicted to it and the effects of drugs start to sink in. Drugs can affect the entirety of a person- from physical to metal. The worse thing is, this has been the case for so many years now. In spite of all campaigns that aim to stop and prevent drug abuse, still, so many people get addicted to drugs.

Good thing that there are people who are willing to extend a helping hand to raise awareness. Just like the wide of Dennis Shields who takes the initiative to start a drug addiction foundation. Jill Shields aims to bring attention to the epidemic and her foundation serves as a source of help to those who are at risk. Along with addiction treatment centers, foundations like this will be a great help to intensify the fight against addiction.

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As Bethenny Frankel and Jill Shields both try to move forward after the sudden overdose death of Dennis Shields, Jill, his estranged wife has decided to come forward at the helm of a foundation against opioid addiction.

RadarOnline says that as a result of Dennis Shields’ accidental drug overdose, his widow Jill wants to bring attention to the epidemic. She has created the Dennis Shields Foundation as a source to help those at risk.

Jill Shields, along with other family members, have banded together to hopefully prevent other accidental overdoses. Shields explains that the foundation is in its creation stages, and more information will be available soon.

Jill and Dennis Shields were married for 26 years and split in 2016 (but had reportedly not yet divorced) and have four grown children. They released a statement to share that the foundation would be named after Dennis Shields…

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