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Drugs can kill. This is something that we all know. If not kill, it can make us suffer in so many ways. But the good thing about it is the fact that we can always quit and get out of it. Yes, it would never be easy. But there is actually no easy way in either ways. If you choose to be addicted to drugs, you are putting yourself in danger. Better suffer the difficulty of quitting than let drugs take over your life.

This is what happened to Demi Lovato- she let drugs took over herself. Perhaps she let the substance be her only resort when things get rough, without knowing that it can also be the reason for her suffering. And yes, now she is suffering due to drug overdose. This is something that could have been prevented only if she had the will to quit. The thing here is that, regardless of what she is going through or how difficult life seems to be for her, drugs should and is never an option. Now, people are waiting for her to recover, and hopefully, she will be willing to get inside a rehab facility to end all of this.

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Demi Lovato could have died Tuesday from her overdose — it was that serious — sources connected to the singer tell TMZ.

We’re told the 911 call did not come a minute too soon, because Demi was in dire straits. “She could have died,” said a source with firsthand knowledge. Demi was unconscious when she was discovered at around 11:30 AM and the 911 call was placed. 

TMZ broke the story … Demi received Narcan to counter the effects of opioids. As we reported, Demi and those who were at the house refused to disclose the drug or drugs that caused her to OD. 

TMZ obtained the 911 call … in which the person at Demi’s home asked the dispatcher if the emergency vehicles could come without sirens — presumably because they wanted to keep the OD on the down-low. The dispatcher informed the caller the sirens would stay on.

Demi remains hospitalized. We’re told those around her want her to enter a rehab facilitywhen she’s released, but ultimately the decision is squarely hers…

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