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In spite of knowing that they might be arrested and charged, still, so many people are not afraid to carry, sell, or even use drugs. Yes, this is how daring the world has been that people fear nothing anymore. What is worse is that, the number of people who involve themselves in drugs in any way possible is quickly increasing. This also means that so many of them are likely to get arrested because of such.

Just like in Delaware, a man together with his parents has been arrested after over 300 bags of heroin were found in their home. This case is not the first time but it’s just surprising that even a family can get involved in this thing. We would always expect parents to be the ones to teach their kids the right thing to do but it appears that it wasn’t the case for them.

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The Delaware State Police said in a news release that the arrests were preceded by a month-long investigation into 20-year-old Ellis J. Cannon II. They executed a search warrant on Friday at the home he shares with his parents in Bridgeville.

In addition to the heroin, investigators say they found crack cocaine, marijuana and a weapon.

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