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The world is suffering from drug-related problems, especially addicted. So many lives have been destroyed because of the effects of drugs. Crimes have been increasing as well as a result of addiction as drugs can trigger a person to do the worst things in life. But it is a good thing that more recovery programs and addiction treatment facilities have become more available. With these, people can seek help and recover from their addiction.

community garden helps people in drug addiction recovery

In West Virginia, they have come up with a great initiative to help people. Their community garden is helping people who are in drug recovery. This is a great help to many people there. In fact, one of the said: “Cafego admits he still struggles every day with his addiction, but life is brighter now with the garden.”

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The damp air in Morgantown, West Virginia, makes it feel like it’s about to rain, but the that doesn’t stop Mark Cafego from heading out to one of his favorite places in town.

Once he and his sponsor arrive at the community garden, they go to work, picking harvested vegetables from the soil.

His life didn’t look like this a year ago.

“My life was bad. I mean really, really bad,” Cafego told ABC News. “I was strung out on meth. OD’ed on heroin. It was a disaster.”

Cafego is in recovery, and said he found sobriety at Friendship House — a day center for people struggling with substance abuse addiction.

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