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Colorado lawmakers have proposed a pair of measures they say will improve the availability of mental health resources for the state’s agricultural industry, as stress, anxiety, and depression among ranchers and farmhands have emerged as critical issues that have worsened since the coronavirus pandemic.

The bills under consideration would address a growing need to treat rural mental health issues that have only compounded with the effects of the pandemic and climate change — all in a state that has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation. Mental health professionals are scarce in rural parts of Colorado, a significant gap considering suicide rates have been higher in rural America than in metropolitan areas for decades.

Legislators were slated to debate the measures on Feb 7. The first bill would create an agricultural and rural community behavioral health liaison position; that person would connect various state agencies with mental health care providers, nonprofits, and community leaders. The second bill is designed shore up and publicize suicide prevention resources for agricultural workers.

Colorado has taken a significant step in acknowledging the mental health challenges faced by agricultural workers. In a move to address these issues, the state is implementing a program connecting agricultural workers with essential mental health resources. This initiative recognizes the unique stresses faced by those in the agricultural sector and aims to provide much-needed support.

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