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How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Urine?




You finally got the job you have been dreaming of, and the more exciting news is they need you to begin quickly. But, there’s only one problem, you have got to pass a drug test, but you have recently snorted, inhaled, injected, or eaten cocaine or cocaine products. You ask yourself, “how long will cocaine stay in your system?”.

Well first of all we absolutely encourage you to stop using cocaine. It is a destructive drug and will not help you achieve the life goals that you have set in place for yourself. Please use this new job as an opportunity to reevaluate your life and get clean from drug abuse.

Cocaine In Your System

Cocaine, like all other medication when consumed, gets metabolized by your body processes. Metabolization gets rid of the drug from the system; however, it will leave behind distinct traces or “metabolites” in the system for quite some time. The time it requires for cocaine to be dissolved is called “half-life.” Studies have shown that when cocaine dissolves, an extended half-life actually happens. The mechanism implies that larger doses and constant use elevate the possibility of failing the drug tests.

5 Factors Affecting Cocaine In The System

  • Quantity: How much of the drug was used?
  • Frequency: How often is cocaine being ingested?
  • Mixing: Was cocaine combined with other drugs or alcohol?
  • History: How far back has this frequency of use been going on?
  • Testing Method: Urine test vs. Hair test

Dosage, Frequency Of Use

Single Use

Usually, one use for a person with average metabolism rate is still detectable through a urine test, 3 to 5 days after last use. If you consider yourself a once-in-a-blue-moon user, you can wait 3 days and you will most likely pass a urine check.

Second Use, High Dosage

You probably came to a restroom to snort one more time. What you should remember is that the more you do it in an increasing dosage, the more likely it is to be detected through a urine test. Moreover, it will be picked up through a hair strand check.

Frequent Users

If you have used cocaine on a regular basis, the time-frame for detection through a urine test becomes considerably longer because the instrumental chemicals have already piled up. The hair tests, on the other hand, will certainly reveal your repetitive use because it is what it is designed to do.

Cocaine With Alcohol

Consuming alcohol with cocaine is not a brilliant idea. For one, uppers and downers do not ever go together well.

A lethal chemical referred to as Cocaethylene is formed in the liver tissues once cocaine and alcohol are consumed together. These items make the entire system chaotic through shooting up vital signs. In most cases, people who do this trick end up in hospitals almost immediately after the session.

The individual who does this has to remember that multiple folds of extra time are needed to be clean from cocaethylene. Moreover, for the deadly substance to completely cease from further multiplying, it will require the owner to break away from cocaine and its derivatives, no matter how small the dosage.

Seek Cocaine Addiction Help

If you are suffering from cocaine addiction, looking for the right treatment facility should be your priority. Cocaine rehabilitation centers will guide you through the most effective method of fighting back the addiction. Cocaine rehab centers will also provide you with the most appropriate medical assistance that is essential towards healing. Rehab Near Me is happy to provide listings in addiction treatment centers for detox and rehab for overcoming cocaine.



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