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Although the case of drug addiction seems hopeless as it has been a long-time struggle to solve the problem and it still exists until now, there are still some good things that come out of it. For one, there are those people who have been once addicted to drugs but did not let the substance totally take over their lives. Instead, they did their best and got out of it and became better people.

Just like an Irish dad who revealed how he was able to turn his struggle with heroin and cocaine addiction around to become a head chef. This kind of story serves as an inspiration to many that in spite of their addiction, there is always hope and help is available in so many ways- addiction treatment centers for one.

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The Raheny man struggled with addiction after losing his grandmother when he was just 12.

He was living with her at the time but soon turned away from the family and friends he grew up with.

The 32-year-old dad-of-two recalled: “I was the golden child, I didn’t know anything about drugs or crime or anything like that. But I got to the age of 12, and my grandmother died . . . it hit me really hard.

“I just went wild and started to seek friendship with people involved in drugs. These lads were 18, 19 and I started smoking hash.”

And by the age of 14, he said he was “being the big man” and taking cocaine with his new pals.

He added: “It escalated and I started selling. So I would have been into the weed, a bit of coke and then ecstasy. I would have been bingeing at the age of 16, going out on a Friday night and coming back on a Sunday, taking anything from 20 to 30 ecstasy tablets.

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