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The challenge to end drug addiction is ongoing. As this is a global problem, each country is facing it’s own problem related to drugs. They have their own ways to stop people from using drugs, especially for countries that have a rising number of drug users. Some of them would impose stricter laws, while others are focusing more on how they can help addicts or encourage them to seek help through drug addiction treatment centers.

Speaking of which, China has a new technology that can treat addiction. At the same time, this technology makes use of RV eye tracking device that gauges the success of drug rehab. This really sounds promising and hopefully, it can do its job and offer more help to those who badly need it and assist rehab centers at the same time.

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China’s rehab centers are no strangers to using technology to treat addiction. The latest approach, however, is rather unusual. Shanghai drug rehab facilities (not pictured here) are trialing a combination of VR, eye tracking and skin sensors to both aid in recovery and gauge its effectiveness. Recovering addicts have to look at images and video illustrating the effects of drugs, and the eye monitoring can help determine their reactions, including whether or not they’re paying attention in the first place. Think of it like a (relatively) gentler version of A Clockwork Orange’s Ludovico treatment — patients can’t look away from the unpleasant imagery without their overseers knowing.

The skin sensors, which measure electrodermal activity and pulse speed, give administrators a better sense of the addicts’ reactions. They might control their gaze, but they can’t control their sweat or pulse.

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