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If children and teenagers receive any help for an anxiety disorder, it’s usually medication — not counseling — according to a study published Wednesday in Pediatrics.

In fact, there was an inverse relationship between the need for therapy and what has been given over more than a decade. As the number of youth with anxiety disorders has risen continually since 2006, the number of children receiving psychotherapy has decreased.

“This really shows that the burden of treating mental health conditions among patients is growing,” said study author Laura Chavez, a senior research scientist at the Center for Child Health Equity and Outcomes Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

“Even when they’re able to navigate the health care system and visit with a physician in an office setting, they may not receive the treatment that they need,” she said.

A recent study explored the efficacy of anxiety medication and therapy in treating children and teenagers. The research, conducted by a team of experts, aimed to determine the effectiveness of different treatment approaches for young individuals struggling with anxiety disorders. The findings shed light on potential solutions for those who may benefit from professional assistance.

The study emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to anxiety treatment. While medication can help alleviate symptoms, therapy plays a crucial role in addressing the underlying causes and providing long-term coping strategies. Researchers found that a combination of medication and therapy yielded the most positive outcomes, offering substantial relief to young patients.

Understanding the unique needs of children and teenagers, the study emphasized the importance of tailored treatment plans. Mental health professionals must consider age-appropriate therapy techniques and select medications carefully, considering potential side effects and long-term implications.

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