Drug Related Deaths On The Rise In Conneaut Ohio

Multi-drug overdoses were the sixth leading cause of death in Conneaut, Ohio last year, with the number of cases soaring compared to 2015. According to the annual mortality report by the Conneaut Health Department, 2016 saw eight fatal cases of drug overd...

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Is Drug Addiction A Choice?

For many years, drug and alcohol addiction has been viewed more as a moral problem. The addicted user is perceived as one, who lacks willpower. In the recent decades, a new understanding of addiction has come to the forefront of Science. Scientists have r...

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I Am An Alcoholic

Problem drinkers have various histories and a vast range of experiences. The range of their experiences, however, does not make them any less of an alcoholic. It simply divides them right into various types of problem drinkers. Problem drinkers make use o...

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