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The battle against is very difficult. In fact, not everyone gets through it. In this case, help is much needed. Along with drug addiction centers that can provide a tailored treatment to patients, support from anyone we care for is equally important. Whatever it is- whether your family members, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, even someone you just met, or your pet can be very instrumental as you try to change and start a new life.

Just like what happened with James Firsht. He has Staffordire Bull Terrier who has helped him with his fight with drug addiction. But the sad thing is, his bestfriend has been gone for a few weeks now and James is feeling so devastated. He is also desperate to find Cody and is willing to give a reward to whoever finds him. Hopefully, they’ll be together soon so they can be a help and an inspiration with each other again.

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Cody the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross has been missing for two weeks. James Firsht, from Bounds Green in North London, has lost his beloved dog and fears that he may have been stolen. Cody is a very special dog because he has helped James for years in his battle against depression and drug addiction.

James doesn’t know how he can make progress without Cody by his side. He told ‘Losing Cody literally feels like a never-ending nightmare. It’s been two weeks and I just want my best friend back.’ Cody ran off during a walk in Hadley Wood, Barnet, with a trusted dog walker that James has used for three years. He spotted a squirrel and darted away to chase it.

The dog walker looked for Cody for hours, but he was nowhere to be found. James said: ‘She took him off for a walk and he ran off after a squirrel and didn’t come back…

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