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Divorce has always seemed inevitable, especially when one party is going through addiction. The recovery process will, all the more, be straining because it will require the utmost understanding from the other party. However, it does not have to end the relationship, at least not for everyone. Both the wife and the husband can control the outcome. Understanding the options available for rehabilitation and detox may be secret to overcoming the ordeal. The American Society of Addiction Medicine revealed that around 21.5 million Americans face substance abuse disorder. The figure stated applies to ages 12 and older.

  • In the stated 21.5 million, prescription pain medicines addictions are around 1.9 million. Those who are addicted to heroin is around 586, 000.
  • Around 23 percent of heroin users developed opioids addiction; a combination of morphine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, codeine, and oxycodone.
  • The number of Americans who are addicted to alcohol, including those who had problems related to alcohol use, was 17.3 million from the year 2013 according to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Addiction has become too common today.

Families think that they are on their own when they are dealing with someone who is struggling with this chronic disease. Statistics are provided to have a different perspective regarding the issue. Drug addiction is a chronic disease, often characterized by harmful and compulsiveness habits. Its effects can be long-lasting and far-reaching with high risks of relapses.

Addiction can control the person, most of the time pushing the addicted person to lie, cheat, and steal just to fuel the cravings. The most common problem is that the people around worries about their safety most of the time.

The effects of addiction will lead to health deterioration and negative behaviors, especially affecting their decision-making abilities. Addiction, moreover, is complicated because its effect to the brain is highly complex. Its recovery progress is yet another obstacle in the marriage. According to experts, marriage and recovery are significantly intertwined as there is a bigger possibility of successfully surviving the treatment if the marriage is intact.

When you are decided to go into treatment, focus not only on the success of the treatment but also the survival of the marriage.

Everyone in the relationship should exert an effort in saving the relationship, especially after undergoing the treatment. Honesty and communication are the main keys for achieving the said goal. For sure, recovery will take time; hence, being aware of the impact of addiction on marriage and what should be expected during the recovery process can greatly help the parties involved. Choosing to get involved in the recovery process is extremely a good news. In fact, many treatment programs are suitable for spouses and families towards successfully combating the addiction.

Counseling the partners of the addicted individuals, as well as the children is one of the recommendations of most professionals.

Attending support groups and workshops on how to cope up with the situation is also highly recommended. The sessions will increase the chances of saving the marriage and eventually recover from addiction.

Through counseling and efficient treatment process, you may at one point realize that the marriage may not survive. Weighing the benefits may be the best option towards coming up with the final decision not only for the husband and the wife but for the entire family as a whole.

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