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A recent International Journal of Epidemiology study uses an instrumental variable approach to explore whether cycle commuting alleviates adverse mental health conditions.

Several studies have indicated the positive effect of physical activity on mental health by reducing depression and anxiety. Likewise, incorporating a daily active commuting approach could positively contribute to maintaining a healthy physical activity level. Cycle commuting, for example, significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular events, cancer-related mortality, and all-cause mortality risks.

Although previous studies have indicated that individuals who use bicycles for long-distance commuting found this mode mentally relaxing, a recent systematic review documented an inconsistent relationship between active commuting and depression. Poor mental health conditions also entail considerable economic loss, with one Scottish study estimating that £8.8 billion is lost every year due to decreased productivity stemming from different mental-health problems.

Recent research explores the potential mental health benefits of cycle commuting, suggesting that integrating cycling into daily routines may have a positive impact on well-being. The study indicates that individuals who choose cycling as their mode of commuting experience reduced stress levels and improved mental health outcomes.

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