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As well might have been aware of, the problem with drug addiction is getting worse each day. This means that more and more drug-addicted people need help. It is a good thing that there are a lot of initiatives and ways that are now available to help drugs addicts and to end drugs. Just like Bridgeport, a high schooler starts a non-profit to fight addiction.

School may be over for the summer but junior high school student Wesley Cotter isn’t taking a break. He’s hard at work creating his very own non-profit- West Virginia Recovery. The inspiration for his work is personal- Cotter’s two older brothers battled drug addiction for years. “Both of my brothers were unfortunately addicted to drugs a majority of my childhood,”

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While this was a difficult time for Cotter and his family- he believes it led him to his path in life,

“I grew up with them suffering, it showed me how I can prosper as I grow older,”

Cotter’s brothers have been clean for more than a year now, but seeking help wasn’t convenient or cheap.

“It cost a lot of money, it was very expensive,” “My brothers went from Galax, Virginia all the way down to southern Florida,”

Cotter knows many people don’t have the resources to take the path his brothers did- he hopes his non-profit can guide them to an option that works for them through a website he plans to design.

“We do have more recovery options around here than people realize, and that’s what I want this-recover West Virginia- to promote, what we have around here,” Cotter said “And how great this state could be if they were given recovery options instead of punishment options,”

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