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Alcohol abuse and use of drugs is not something new in Hollywood. We have heard and seen so many cases where the actors that we idolize end up using these substances for different reasons. Just a few weeks ago, the news about Demi Lovato has been a huge talk. many of these celebrities who use drugs do not seek help even if they actually need it. On the other hand, there are those who are aware of their addiction and took the courage to seek from family and friends for them to be brought at rehab facilities.

Now, we have Ben Affleck who actually has been in a rehab in the past. Now, with the help of his estranged wife Jennifer Garner, Ben agreed to seek help. This is such a courageous move as not everyone would acknowledge that they need help. Many of them are actually in denial and they think that they can manage on their own. For sure, there are so many other celebrities who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Hollywood and these people also need help and intervention.

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Jennifer Garner has staged an intervention to help Ben Affleck, and TMZ has learned Ben wanted the help and agreed to go to rehab.

Jennifer went to Ben’s Pacific Palisades home Wednesday afternoon to sit down with her estranged husband, begging him to get help. We’ve learned Ben didn’t need begging … he knows he needs help and was receptive.

Jen and Ben drove off at around 6 PM PT from the house … and sources say the destination is a rehab facility. Our sources say Ben will enter a facility in L.A. County. We just found out they stopped at a Jack in the Box en route to the rehab place.

We’re told Ben fell off the wagon a while ago, and has gotten progressively worse.

Our sources say the tipping point came 2 days ago when Jen saw a pic of Ben grabbing a box from a delivery man … a box filled with beer and liquor.

Ben has been to rehab before … back in 2001 for alcohol abuse. He also went back to rehab last December.

Jen filed for divorce in April, 2017 … 2 years after they announced their split. The former couple remained close — partly for their 3 kids — and they are still not officially divorced….

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