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As there is an increasing number of drug users today, people are also finding more ways on how they can solve the problem. When it comes to drug addiction, yes, it is often a choice of the person whether or not he will get addicted. But there are also instances when someone happens to be in that situation and was left without much choice. Then it became too late for that person to come out of it, thus help becomes a must.

Aside from seeking help through addiction treatment centers, people have come with other ways to save themselves from addiction. Some of them, like Jasper Mutiga turns to his guitar and music to find solace. This is one way of using talent to get through all the pain that comes with drug addiction. He is also spending his time helping other people to get through this dilemma.

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Jasper Mutiga strums a mellow tune on his guitar as two elderly men clap haphazardly to the music that has been their solace for the 10 months they have been at the Everest Rehabilitation Centre, at Kithaku, Meru County.

Behind them, drawing pads and papers are scattered on a table, full of drawings and doodles that chronicle the painstaking journey of addiction treatment.

People with substance abuse disorders seek help here, where for at least three months, they are given various therapies, including music, art, counselling and medication, to help them out of their addictions. Some, like the two elderly men, stay as long as it takes to recover.

Mr Mutiga, a former teacher, who started off helping teenagers who had been expelled from school due to drug addiction, uses his talents to rehabilitate addicts. He is a musician, sculptor, cartoonist, painter, teacher, preacher and counsellor. He quit his teaching job in 2013 to focus on rehabilitating people with substance abuse disorders.

“There are misperceptions that alcoholism, drug addiction and other forms of addiction are self-inflicted, but this is not accurate. Addiction is a disease that can be treated through medication and psychotherapy, but many of the affected die due to lack of understanding,” he explains…

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