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Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic drug. It helps people who have anxiety disorders to sleep easily at night. Those with insomnia can benefit from this drug, because it depresses the central nervous system, slows down brain activity, and allows them to sleep in peace. Anxiety gives you feelings of dread and fear—things that keep people up at night. But Ambien helps take all of that away.

The only problem is that Ambien is quite addictive. If you misuse this drug, you’ll find that it’s a habit-forming substance.

This is the reason why Ambien must only be taken as prescribed. Those who take it recreationally are at risk of developing dependence and addiction. And of course, they are bound to experience its adverse effects.

It is important to know everything we can about these prescription medications, so we can avoid misusing and abusing them. Potent substances like Ambien can cause side effects even when you’re taking them as prescribed. Just imagine the damage it can cause to those who willingly ingest high doses of it.

How Long Does Ambien Stay in Your System?

Ambien is a fast-acting drug that is easily absorbed into the body. It takes effect within 30 minutes, and stays in the system for up to 8 hours. It has a short half life too, because its main purpose is to help facilitate sleep while ensuring that the patient can easily stay asleep. This is perfect for insomniacs and those who can’t get a full 8 hours of sleep.

This drug should only be taken as prescribed. It is typically used 30 minutes before heading to bed.

But because Ambien causes extreme sleepiness, it is not a good medication to use for anything other than sleep disorders. Patients who are taking this drug should not drive afterwards.

Ambien can be detected on a urine screen for a couple of days. And just like with any other drug, hair samples can provide evidence of substance use for weeks or even months after you take Ambien.

Do not take large doses of Ambien, and do not take it more often than you are supposed to. Also, avoid sharing this drug with anybody else, especially with those who have a history of substance abuse. If someone you love has been addicted to alcohol or a certain drug, they are more likely to relapse if they take this substance.

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Why is Ambien Abused?

Despite the risk of addiction, many people take Ambien for recreational purposes simply because it makes them feel good. Aside from the sleep inducing effect of this hypnotic medication, it also relaxes the body.

Being a prescription drug, Ambien also happens to be more accessible compared to street drugs. But abusing prescription drugs is also illegal, not to mention dangerous. Taking high doses of Ambien can cause nausea, vomiting, confusion, hallucination, anxiety, depression, and respiratory depression.

An Ambien user may even become aggressive after abusing this substance for a long time.

If someone you care about gets addicted to Ambien, look for a drug rehab facility near you instead of forcing them to quit. Abruptly ending your Ambien intake can be life threatening due to withdrawal. Proper medical intervention may be necessary.

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