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What people can do for drugs has gone the extra mile. They can even great creatine just to use or sell it. Sometimes we only know that a person is using drugs when he gets addicted to it or when the signs of addiction start to show in the person. On the other hand, those who are making it as a business and their source of living can think of so many ways just to sell some.

meth_mobile_in_MissionAn enterprising man took the food truck concept to a whole new level, selling drugs from the window of an RV parked on Treat Avenue in the Mission District, according to San Francisco prosecutors. Antonio Perkins, 45, was arraigned Thursday on multiple drugs- and weapons-related charges, including “keeping a house for purpose of drug sales.”

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San Francisco’s streets have become parking places for hundreds of RVs in recent months, most of them housing people who don’t have long-term shelter. But one Treat Street employer alleged to us that the RV was no homeless camper: “This was a place of business.” The employer, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation, said Perkins would run the “business” by day and have someone else staff it after dark. A gas generator outside the RV hummed loudly both day and night, he said…

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