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While there are a number of risks that are connected to addiction, the first step towards recovery is always detoxification. However, this period of time can largely put you at risk. Generally, detox can be safely and effectively done at home, but it is associated with a lot of near-death risks.

Medical Issues

In reality, detox will be difficult on the person’s body. Hence, there may be medical issues and or complications to not doing it in the right way. If you choose to detox at home, there will be no medical professionals to monitor the withdrawal symptoms you will be experiencing and administer medication to ease the symptoms if necessary.

In in-patient facilities, on the other hand, medical staff will be able to watch over you in the event of medical complications. They will be able to address the situation immediately and give you the support necessary to get through the treatment process successfully.

Temptation and Relapse

If you opt to use an at-home detox, you may also be in danger of relapsing. Remember that for most of your days, you will be living in your usual environment where substances are prominent and accessible. This is likely to increase your temptation to use or drink “just one last time.”

Especially if you’ve previously attempted to detox at home but have failed, it would be easier for you and less tempting if you were in a different environment that will support your objectives in detoxing such as in an in-care treatment facility.


You can also be at great risk of an overdose. Remember that when you are detoxing, your body is working very hard to rid itself of the dangerous substances within its system; substances to which your body may have grown tolerant and dependent on.

Should you relapse during detox, you make take in an even larger dose than you think your body will be able to handle. Apparently, by this point, your body will be less tolerant to the substance so that taking a large dose can significantly affect the body even worse than before.

Experts are trying to advocate detoxing in an inpatient center.

First off, the period at which you detox will be closely supervised and you will always be treated with medications for weaning. These medications can help ease the withdrawal effects and make it easier for your body to slowly but surely rid itself of the addictive substances accumulated.

The best treatment to use for detoxification is found in those centers as their choices are usually those that can ease you throughout the entire process more comfortably and safely.

While it may seem more convenient to detox at home, the reality is, it is not worth all the risks and dangers you may end up with.

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