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There are a number of reasons why you would want to choose to quit drinking alcohol. There are people who need to quit drinking alcohol as they have already developed a medical condition related to alcohol, which most of the time is a liver disease. There are also those who need to take some sort of medication that reacts negatively with alcohol. Still, others decide to quit for religious reasons, while others opt to have a healthier lifestyle.

If you are contemplating removing this harmful habit from your life, you are not alone. Approximately, 43%previous alcohol dependents have now abstained from it.

You may be a social drinker, a problem drinker, or a person who can drink responsibly but this time you want to be able to say no to alcohol and make significant improvements in three important parts of your life: your physical health, emotional, and psychological well-being and even with your personal and professional relationships.

Stopping Alcohol Will Improve Your Physical Health

Alcohol, in large quantities, is extremely dangerous for your body. Along the way, you could damage your liver, dehydrate your body, and raise your blood sugar levels. While it is true that these adverse effects will be gone once the alcohol has cleared from your body, in due time, the habit can lead to the development of other health conditions, including:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Heart Disease
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Obesity

These are but a few of the serious health issues linked to problem drinking. You may want to avoid these medical conditions entirely and choose to live a physically healthy life- one that will allow you to feel good inside.

Stopping Alcohol Will Improve Your Emotional and Psychological Health

Alcohol can be harmful to more than your physical body. Taken in large quantities, alcohol can wreak havoc on your emotional and psychological state of being. You may have experienced going to a party to find your host in a drunken state, weeping in front of everybody while strewn all over the floor. Otherwise, you could have experienced a violent fight in a bar. These are just some situations wherein alcohol is able to take over the drinker’s psyche.

There are a lot of negative psycho-emotional side effects brought about by drinking. Alcohol can impair your memory as well as your sense of balance. It can lower your inhibitions and numb your emotions. Not like getting drunk, alcohol psychosis can make drinkers feel threatened and anxious. The drinker can sometimes hallucinate and suffer a full psychotic breakdown. Many do not experience this, but those who suffer other mental issues and emotional disturbances are at risk of suffering a psychotic episode when drunk. It is then wise to stay away from alcohol to stay healthy mentally and emotionally.

Stopping Alcohol Will Improve Your Professional and Personal Relationships

Should you slow down the pace of your drinking, you may find it easier to drink less in one night. You may opt for a non-alcoholic alternative such as coffee, juice, soda, or water as these are easier to control in terms of intake.

Non-alcoholic options also have an added benefit of rehydrating the body. For instance, it can lessen the effects of hangover in the morning.

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