Alcoholic Ginger Beer: Can Recovering Alcoholics Have It?




If you want to drink something that is non-intoxicating or non-triggering, especially to recovering alcoholics, we have compiled a list for you. Always be reminded that you should maintain your health at its best state as much as possible because it is better to stay sober at all times.

Please take note that the tastes of the drinks listed as an alternative to alcoholic beverages are not similar to what you have been used to having. These alternatives are to lessen the risk of relapse.

Beers branded as “non-alcoholic” and O’Douls do have alcohol in their content and has been known to trigger relapses in many people, contrary to belief. It is too risky to those who are in recovery to drink something that tastes close to beers. Therefore, it is highly advisable to avoid those products. However, the taste of the alternative products is better, so do not be disappointed.

Ginger beer is a brewed drink.

Just please be aware that some ginger beer has alcohol in it. If you are planning to buy ginger beer at the store, please make sure that there is no alcohol in it and its taste should not be similar to beers to avoid relapse. According to many who have found this drink great, it is really a soda that is fancier than Seagrams ginger ale that is often bought in convenience stores. It can be considered as a specialty drink, moreover; a bit pricier than a six pack of canned soda, but cheaper than beer. Generally, it tastes better than soda or beers that are popular in the market these days.

Ciders are also great alternatives.

When it comes to ciders, you are allowed to drink regular cider since it has no alcohol in it. For an additional trick, try to mix it with soda water to make it lighter and more carbonated.

Most of the liquor alternatives are just fruit juices mixed with soda water.

Fruit juices mixed with vodka or other clear liquors are preferred by most people. To carbonate the drink, mix the fruit juice with soda water to make it lighter, like an upgraded fruit juice. As recommended, try mixing cranberry juice and soda water, orange juice, and soda water, or mix cranberry juice with soda water to achieve a unique drink. To have it in the light apple flavor, try dashing a splash of apple juice.

Just drink soda water with ice to stay hydrated.

Everyone in recovery is craving for alcohol and they crave more than once. We want to help you. A happy and a healthy lifestyle is just waiting to happen.


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