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Just like any other addictive substance, alcohol can become your “new normal” once it becomes a habit. Then, the moment you decide to quit drinking alcohol, your body suddenly throws a fit, longing for what it believes is a sense of normalcy.

Alcohol can be one of the types of drugs that have a potential for having fatal withdrawal syndromes. Should you realize in your self-assessment that you have become dependent on alcohol, you should avoid going “turkey” on drinking alcohol without medical supervision.

  • Studies have revealed that alcohol dependence can in fact become a permanent condition.
  • The symptoms of which may only be managed by the complete and lifelong abstinence on the substance.
  • Once the system has been changed in order to accommodate or tolerate copious amounts of alcohol, it may not be possible to get a “do over.”

Research further determines that alcohol addicts may never again be able to moderate their drinking habits.

Those who try may find that the disease will turn on them and they again find themselves back in the cycle of heavy drinking. Unhappily, they will need to welcome tolerance as well as the myriad of withdrawal symptoms. Dependence on alcohol is said to be progressive, chronic, and fatal and can only be mitigated only by abstaining.

Choosing to moderate your drinking may not describe your current drinking habits, but you can try. In fact, millions of people have been able to do this. If you are the kind of person who is able to set limits and stick to them, chances are you will be able to handle moderate drinking.

Why do you drink and where do you usually find it hard to resist a drink?

You may be drinking moderately to accommodate your social needs but can’t you have a good time sans the risks of developing an alcohol addiction? You would not want to let alcohol fool you. It can be like nicotine, while it is legal; it remains to be a very powerful and a highly dangerous addictive substance. Why would you want to make it part of your life at all?

Millions of people have found success with moderate drinking. On the contrary, still millions find themselves unable to. An excellent way to decide if moderate drinking will work for you is by a sincere self-assessment of your own drinking habits like where you drink, how much you drink and why you drink. If you believe that you have become alcohol dependent, you may also opt to contact a physician or a drug addiction professional to help you have a new and healthy lifestyle again.

There is always hope for treatment and recovery.

While it takes some willpower, strong support from family and friends is very important. In several cases, medication may be necessary to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. It should be regulated by a medical professional who is also most likely the one who will order your medication. No matter what, do not quit on yourself. The only thing you should think about quitting is your addiction and that is indeed very possible.

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