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This is a contributor post from someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

It has always amused me how one choice provided total clearness. My life-changing experience happened on one intoxicated evening, 8 years ago. While texting on my phone, I collapsed right into another vehicle waiting at a traffic light, wounding 2 of its passengers.

In the blink of an eye, my life as well as the lives of those I injured transformed permanently. The 2 injured innocent individuals and I suffered from the toll of my alcohol dependency. The incident changed my life from that moment on, but sadly, it has also changed others’ lives as well.

That eventful evening has taught me lessons that I will forever treasure. And these lessons have kept me alive and prosperous in my years behind bars. If there is anything that I wanted people to realize what I have been through, it is the fact that despite it all, I was victorious in my realizations.

I’m Fortunate To Be Alive

Prior to my vehicular accident, I would constantly take my life for granted. I was unappreciative of all the wonderful things in my life and constantly wanted those that I did not have. Animosity, as well as self-pity, were my friends. Now more than anything else, I have realized the magnitude of fortune given to me, I am alive. Taking one day at a time, I have also been practicing a healthy lifestyle.

I Discovered Who My Real Pals Are

The feeling of getting sentenced in jail is incomparable. Several of those that I considered my closest friends immediately disappeared especially during my prison years. However, a few others from my past appeared to help me. The circumstance has paved way for me to see who were my real buddies.

Generosity Is The Way To Give Back

Before that night hit me, my whole life focused only on me; I did not consider others. All the while, I thought I was living a free life. Currently, I make an initiative to help others just as how my real friends reached out when I needed help the most. Seeing others getting happy and relieved makes me feel like a brand new person, wealthier than anybody else.

I Gave Up Self-Pity

Previously, every little thing that involved myself made me sympathize with myself. I kept telling myself that my share is always so hard and that I cannot manage everything thrown at me. Self-pity constantly caged me. It paved way for the unlimited cycle of alcohol consumption to numb the sensations.

I Rely On A Greater Power

I turned myself to God. With Him in my life, nothing makes me unpleasant. A life-altering experience transformed me because I surrendered my troubles to him. I feel internal tranquility in the thought that someone larger than anybody else is watching over.

The lessons do not mean that I am fully healed. I believe that I still need to watch out for circumstances that may invite me to alcohol dependency once again. More than anything else, I have realized that the essence of true healing is enduring a lengthy and bumpy trip just to reach a peaceful destination.

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