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As they say, everybody deserves a second chance. As humans, we are not perfect- we are bound to make mistakes. It’s would only be up to us on how we would take it. Whether we make another one or learn from it and never do it again. When it comes to making mistakes, one thing that would come in mind would be the decision to try drugs and worse, be addicted to it. But this does not mean the end of the world. There are a lot of addicted individuals who took the courage to change, although had to face the consequences of their wrong doings.

But the important thing is that, those who need help and are seeking it should receive one. It’s a good thing that in McMinnville, they have an addiction recovery program that aims to help their inmates who are struggling with substance use disorder. This will definitely a big help to these people to get back on their feet and have new hope to live a better life. This addiction treatment can even encourage others who are reluctant to quit to make the move of ending their addiction.

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An addiction recovery program at the Yamhill County Jail in McMinnville, Oregon recently commenced a pilot program to help inmates struggling with substance use disorders.

The Yamhill County Correctional Facility (YCCF) has been co-running a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program in coordination with the Willamette Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center after gaining approval from the Oregon Health Authority.

The program was initialized by Sheriff Tim Svenson and Captain Richard Geist of the YCCF on May 1.

“Sheriff Svenson and I were attending the Opioid Summit in McMinnville, Oregon in November of 2016,” Geist said. “We were speaking with Dr. John McIlveen from the Oregon Health Authority. We explained to him that we are seeing more and more of an increase of heroin addiction in Yamhill County and an increase of individuals coming into the jail who are going through opiate withdrawals while in the jail.”

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