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Not all drug-addicted people became so not really because it was their choice. There are some of them who just got trapped in the situation and if they could only get out of it, they would do so. Only that everything was too late for them. But good thing that drug addiction treatment facilities are available to offer them their most needed help. But what happens if they become unavailable? What will happen to the people who needed help?

In Texas, after 25 years of serving people struggling with substance abuse, Managed Care Center for Addictive/Other Disorders closed their doors. Recovering addicts and former employees worried about how losing the only federally funded recovery program serving the South Plains would impact people trying to get back on track.

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“People who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction, not a lot of them have insurance, not all of them have a lot of money, so it makes it real difficult for treatment to take place,” said Chris Wyatt, the assistant director at BHive Recovery Ministry and a former employee at Managed Care.

According to a former employee who wished to remain anonymous, the Center was struggling financially. Admitting at one point, employees didn’t get paid.

A letter sent to employees by Managed Care stated, “Please be advised that Managed Care Center for Addictive and Other Disorders has experienced delays with providing payroll to its employees. This is due to a funding system problem with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and not directly related to Managed Care Center.”

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