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Drugs has been a global problem for centuries now. This is considered to be a serious problem that every country has already tried every possible way to make people quit and to not even dare try drugs. Cocaine for one is a popular drug that so many people use. And now, in Europe, the purity of cocaine has reached its highest level and increasing its availability. As much as more people are seeking addiction help, this is also fuelling addiction, thus endangering the lives of people.


With this addiction blog, people can find information on how to quit drugs by seeking treatment through addiction treatment centers. As there is an increase in drug use, the more that people should seek help. We can’t afford to make this world worse as there are other important problems that it needs to face. Being drug-free is the least that we can do for the sake of ourselves, our family, and our country as a whole.

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The purity of cocaine in Europe has reached its highest level in a decade, a new report finds; it’s also increasing in availability, and more people there are seeking first-time addiction treatment for cocaine.

First-time admissions to treatment facilities for cocaine use increased by over 20% between 2014 and 2016 in EU member states, Turkey and Norway, according to a report published on Thursday by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.
The increase in treatment admissions is the direct result of the large global supply of cocaine, which can lead to an increase in drug purity, according to Eoghan Quigley, drug policy analyst at center and project manager for the report. The annual report investigates the prevalence of different drugs and drug use across the the study countries.
The UK and Italy accounted for most of the increase in first-time treatment, but there was an uptick in first-time admissions across almost all the countries in the report, with 30,000 first-time clients of addiction centers saying cocaine was their primary drug in 2016.
The number of users hasn’t increasedaccording to Thomas Pietschmann, of the Drug Research Section of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime,who wasn’t involved in the study. But consumption has increased, meaning that regular consumers are using more and higher quality cocaine, a trend that may be fueling the increase in first-time treatment admissions.
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