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How to Escape from the Prescription Drug Addiction Trap

So many people today are getting addicted to prescription drugs and this is definitely not a good thing. Although there are a lot who wants to quit, the process may not be so easy and there will be struggles along the way. But it does not mean that it’s not possible...

How Exercise Could Help Fight Drug Addiction

As the problem with drugs is getting more intense and serious each day, so many ways on how to quit and stay drug-free have become available. Aside from the help of addiction treatment centers, others ways been proven to be effective in helping people live a new life....

Is Oxycodone Stronger than Hydrocodone: A Side by Side Comparison

  Navigation: What is Oxycodone? What is Hydrocodone? Which One is Stronger? What are the Side Effects?   [vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”Help Is Only A Phone Call Away” txt_align=”center” shape=”round”...

Drug Addiction has No Age; 19-Year-Old Shares Her Story

Anyone can be a victim of drug addiction, even those that are not using it. But of course, those who are directly affected are the ones using it. Drugs can have very dangerous effects, even deadly ones. There are also so many people who have already died because of it...

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Your System?

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Addiction recovery treatment bill, sponsored by Rep. Edwards, passes house

As we all know, drug addiction is indeed a serious problem that is affecting the entire world today. It seems like wherever you are, that place is struggling with their own problem with drugs. It’s either they have high rates of crimes as a result of drugs or the...

What is Oxycodone: Everything You Need to Know

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Man sentenced for bringing drugs into Lansing Correctional Facility

It’s a sad thing that when gets caught for doing something bad and that person has to pay for the consequences, the person does otherwise. This happens to those who are inside the jail for doing a crime but still, they keep on engaging on bad things. For one,...


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