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Binge Drinking and Alcohol Abuse: What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

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New prescription drug is giving hope to opioid addicts

So many people are getting addicted to different kinds of drugs, specifically opioids. This problem is becoming more serious each day as it is affecting more lives and causing big problems to society. Although there are addiction treatments available, it seems not...

How Does Drug Addiction Start: The Factors that Affect Abuse and Addictive Behavior

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Mayor eyes jail alternative for mentally ill, drug addicted

Each country has their own struggle with drug addiction. Every day, we see or hear news or happenings that have something to do with drugs. We can also see that the effects of drugs can be very deadly and dangerous to the user, other people, and society as a whole....

4,000 Women Among 70 Thousand Drug Addicts In Kashmir

It can be observed that drug addiction has become so big and serious as a problem that almost every country in the world tries to solve. Putting an end to it has been very challenging. One reason is the number of drug-addicted individuals that keeps on increasing....

What You Need to Know About Drug Use and Addiction

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Final year student killed himself due to drug addiction, not project failure

If there is one worse thing that could happen as a result of drug addiction, it would be losing a life. Many cases of suicide are caused by addiction to drugs. It’s either they can’t handle it anymore or they have been so desperate to stop and change but could not do...

The Effects of Alcoholism: Consequences of Excessive Drinking

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