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Recovering heroin addict now helps others get into treatment

We know for a fact that in this life, change is the only constant thing. But more often than not, it is also something that is just so difficult to do and achieve. Take drug addiction as an example. Getting into is easy. People can have hundreds of reasons why they...

Comedians Beg Artie Lange to Seek Help For Drug Addiction

People choose to use drugs for different reasons. These people are also aware that in spite of thinking that drugs will benefit them, there are dangers and drawbacks to it. But still, they resort to it because they think that it is the best they’ve got. In the world...

Samuel L. Jackson Talks Past Struggle with Crack Abuse

If you ask a drug addicted person why he or she chooses to abuse drugs, the reasons are often petty. Some of them would say that they just wanted to experience the “high” of it. Others take it as a form of rebellion or to have the courage they need and do things they...

Drug addiction is a serious epidemic, why don’t we treat it like one?

The term drug addiction is something that has become staple in the different media platforms. We hear it on a daily basis. We are constantly reminded that it is a kind of problem that needs an immediate solution. But the sad thing is, not all of us actually take it on...

Push for Hamilton drug and alcohol treatment court gets support

Drug and alcohol addiction has been a pressing problem all over the world for so many years now. The problem has been affecting so many people, families, and society as a whole. Given this, it calls for all the needed support and people who are addicted to drugs and...

Drug addiction, loss lead to hope, healing for local mother

Most of us look up to our mothers to be people with so much strength and control. This is not only in how she handles her family, but even herself as well. Many of us draw courage from them. But what happens when our own moms become weak and give in to drug addiction?...

Jackie Chandiru Speaks Out About Her Drug Addiction

Different kinds of health problems are likely to occur when one is using, or worse, abusing drugs. In fact, nothing good comes out of using it as it affects the whole being of a person. So many people who were once an addict can attest that drugs really destroy...

Pittsfield man gets a year in jail for drug, gun charges

News on drug arrest is very common. Whenever we watch TV or read news online, there is always a case about a person who got arrested with drugs in his possession. However, even with all these, still, there are so many who still keep doing the same thing. Here is...


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