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Who doesn’t love healthy and beautiful-looking skin? In fact, many of us even go the extra mile just to make sure that we have great skin. We would go to a dermatologist even if it would cost us lots of money, we do research on the best products for our skin, and even buy from the unlimited choices of beauty products in stores.

Acne is one of the most common skin problems encountered by so many people across the globe. It can be due to different factors and can greatly affect our self-esteem and confidence. Perhaps having acne is normal for most people, but if you are into drugs, think again. Your acne might not be like what most people have because yours can be caused by the drugs you are taking. Good thing there are ways to overcome it. Go to your doctor or try detox in city to give your acne a cure.


Acne is one of the most common skin diseases that affects the beauty of the skin. This causes intense psychological pressure on the person and severe skin damage.

Acne is a chronic disorder in the skin of the skin, which is seen among 80% of adolescents and young people. The disease affects the skin cells and may lead to mild to severe skin lesions.

Acne and acne are from adolescence, from about 12 years of age, on the skin, and their recovery lasts one to two years. However, in some people, the problem continues until adulthood, which is usually more common in women. Acne causes a lot of negative effects on adolescents, including discomfort, emotional stress, mood disorder, bodily irritation, and sometimes even permanent skin lesions. It may also cause anxiety and a sense of shame and embarrassment, and the physical and social health of adolescents is vulnerable to harm.

Several factors are known to cause or aggravate these skin lesions. Some of these factors include:

Use of drugs such as androgens, halogens, corticosteroids

Excessive use of cosmetics

Face wax and treatments
Acne causes a lot of negative effects on adolescents

Research has shown that having a genetic background with the production of hormones (especially androgens) causes abnormal skin fat, which is the main cause of skin damage and acne and blemishes.

In the field of acne and cure, every day, the number of people who are mostly interested in natural treatments and in general are safer are added. The use of complementary and alternative drugs (CAMs) for the treatment of acne is currently being discussed in scientific circles. The application of surgery, physiotherapy and the use of certain medications have also been studied. Maintaining a specific diet helps cure acne. Note that when planning a diet for acne treatment, you must be aware of individual factors and adjust the diet to the individual’s clinical condition. Some of these individual factors include the area of ​​acne, the severity of acne-induced lesions, the level of endocrine gland secretion (the exact time of a woman’s menstrual period) and the choice of preferential treatment by self-administering (oral or topical).

Anti-acne and anti-acne creams are strong antibacterials that are used to treat blackheads and hyperphagia. Most acne is eliminated by using these creams.

One of the applications of anti-acne worms is the following:

These creams are used to relieve or reduce the wounds after cleansing the skin of men and women.

It is used as a skin cleanser.

Suitable for removing contractions due to contraceptive pills.

It maintains the delicacy of the skin.

One of the main uses of anti-acne cream is its anti-dandruff effect.

The goal of the production and use of anti-acne creams is to treat its lesions and prevent permanent ulcers or acne reappearance. Individuals should be careful that after applying topical cream, full recovery may take up to 3 to 6 weeks.


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