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As they say, it’s better late than never. This is also applicable to drug addiction. Although drugs have been a very serious problem for so many years now and these have caused so much damage to the people and the society as a whole, those who have been addicted always have a way out. There are addiction treatment centers and rehab services around to help these people. At the same time, drug-addicted individuals can always change and live a better life. Yes, they can always make things right.

Just like a man in Iowa who once battled with drug addiction and is now making things right in his community. ” I want to give back what I took from this generation,” says Smith.  He says he’s struggled with drug addiction since he was a teenager. But once he had kids, that all changed. “That is the reason, actually the main reasons I do what I do now. So, I don’t see some of these kids go through what I went through.” He’s given backpacks, school supplies, and even costumes. He’s doing it with the help of the Metropolitan Community Church, which has seen the program grow.

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“Now, we’re moving into not just the individual children but he’s recognizing and trying to reach out to the entire family,” says church member Sarah Meyer.

One woman he’s helped says its something the community needed.

“I think its wonderful. I was out here a couple of months ago during the summer when he first started talking about it and it went from tiny to big within a couple of months,” says Kirsten Gonzales.

Brian shares with me what he thinks as he looks back from where he started.

“I did this with little to no help. I started this dream and here I am I can go places and they say that’s him. And it’s an amazing feeling.”

Brian and the Metropolitan Community Church are in the works of creating the program into a non-profit.

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