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One of the worst things that can happen as a result of drug addiction would be death. Each day that passes by, we hear that someone has died because someone who is under the influence of drugs has committed the crime. But not only this, a lot of people also die because of their drug addiction. When the body and mind cannot take it anymore, the person could potentially end up his own life.

It’s so sad to know that in some places, like in Wigan borough, the number of people who have died from drug abuse has rocketed by up to 40% in just a span of two years. This means that drugs is very rampant and perhaps, there is not enough laws and regulations that were imposed. In cases like this where more and more people are using drugs, rehab services is a great way to help addicts or help prevent addiction among people. It’s important that these people realize that there is a life outside their addiction- a better one. So, before it’s too late they need to seek help.

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Latest Office for National Statistics figures show that there were 38 deaths due to substance misuse between 2012 and 2014 but this shot up to 64 in 2015-17.

The shocking increases are in line with national trends and the figures are not the worst regionally or nationally.

But the UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) service was quick to point out that Wigan Council is spending the least it has ever done on free community drug and alcohol treatment services as deaths increase.

The detailed analysis by UKAT shows that in 2013-14, £4m was spent on the treating those with drug and alcohol problems in the local community by way of free, accessible treatment services which offer walk-in information, advice and group sessions.

Under Freedom of Information Act inquiries, the council has confirmed that as of April 1, 2018, budget allocation for tier 3 community substance misuse services for 2018-19 has reduced to £3.5m. UKAT founder Eytan Alexander said: “These cuts are killing people and spending less on community drug and alcohol treatment services when drug deaths in the same areas are rising and rising is no coincidence…

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