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Drugs come in different kinds and they have become so rampant in today’s time. Now, more and more people are abusing prescription drugs and this has led to bigger problems in society. There are a lot of unwanted prescription drugs today that people have an access to which leads them to abuse and addiction. In Detroit, 11 million pounds of them have been collected.

DETROIT – Through the participation of Americans nationwide, the Drug Enforcement Agency and its law enforcement partners have now surpassed their 10 million pound goal and collected nearly 11 million pounds of unused, unwanted or expired prescription medications over the course of 16 successful DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back events.

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During the 16th semiannual event on Oct. 27, DEA and federal, state and local partners disposed of more than 900,000 pounds of prescription medications collected at nearly 6,000 sites across the country.

Together with almost 5,000 local, state and federal partners, DEA collected and destroyed more than 457 tons of potentially dangerous leftover prescription drugs.

This brings the total amount of prescription drugs collected by DEA since the fall of 2010 to 10,878,950 pounds, or 5439.5 tons.

The Detroit Field Division, servicing Michigan and Ohio, collected a total of 69,584 pounds of unused, unwanted or expired prescription drugs. The state of Michigan collected 24,378 pounds and the state of Ohio collected 45,206 pounds, each state collecting larger amounts than the previous event…

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