Woman Pretended to Have Cancer to Fund Opioid Addiction

It’s really insane how people can do anything, even the most dangerous or craziest ideas just to fund their drug addiction. There are people who would rob a store just to have money, others will harm others so they can take advantage of them. And now, here’s a women who pretended to have cancer just to fund her opioid addiction.

This addiction blog hopes to povide information and educate people on the dangers of drugs so they will not try using it and resort to bad things. And if in case they get addicted to it, it’s important that they do their best to get out of it and get back to their lives. With recovery centers available, seeking help is always possible.


VERO BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) – Deputies arrested a fugitive woman Monday afternoon for violating her probation.

But investigators say they’re also seeking victims of another one of her alleged crimes — accused of scamming people fund her drug addiction.

Heather Grey, 32, was originally arrested for stealing from the C.J. Cannon’s restaurant in Vero Beach where she used to work. After violating her probation in relation to that case, deputies obtained three warrants for her arrest in June 2017. Grey managed to evade law enforcement for an entire year and resorted to scamming friends and family during that time period, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

Grey posted on social media that she had various medical issues, including cancer, and sent direct messages to family and friends asking for money to cover her medical expenses. According to investigators, Grey specifically told them her doctor “only accepted cash” and would ask them for increments of $60 to $75. She also reportedly told them she was working with IRCSO Major Eric Flowers to “catch a dirty cop” and asked them to send her money so they could catch the person.

Deputies are also considering Heather Grey a person of interest in recent scams where someone posed as Flowers over the phone, told people they had outstanding warrants and demanded gift card payments.

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