Is Oxycodone An Opiate?

Have you ever wondered what makes Oxycodone addictive? Oxycodone hydrochloride is commonly used for the management of moderate to severe pain. Doctors usually prescribe this pain pill in immediate or controlled release formulas. However, it is also availa...

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Does Methadone Block Opiates?

Opiate drug addiction has become rampant in the recent decade and continues to elevate today. Several celebrities have headlines news because of their rehab admissions. People who are even aware of the tragic effects of what opiates can impact a person’...

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Is Cocaine An Opiate?

The epidemic of opioid addiction is gradually increasing the number of fatalities with each passing year. Users of opioids have already tripled between the years 2010-2014 alone. Furthermore, studies have shown that cases of opioid overdose happen once ev...

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How Do Opiates Work?

In our fight against the opioid epidemic, awareness can be our most powerful weapon. If we can improve the way we accept opioid users, we can also improve how we can see the root causes of the addiction. This will then allow researchers to develop more ef...

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How To Wean Off Opiates?

Once the decision has been made, the process of overcoming addiction to opiates can be a very daunting one. You should not try to attempt to take it on by yourself. All you need to start with on your pathway to recovery is to find the most effective treat...

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